Not your average zipper repair kit

  • Replace damaged or missing zipper sliders.
  • Repair broken zippers that have separated or come undone.
  • Caters to a range of zipper sizes.
  • Works on nylon coils as well as plastic and metal teeth
  • Applicable to both opened and closed end zippers

With FixnZip, you’ll be prepared for any zipper emergency whether it be in the backyard or bushland.

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Worked perfectly over an old broken zipper! Now...It works like new again. Never thought fixing something could feel so rewarding. It was super easy & has now saved money.
Angela O'Neill
We just replaced 5 zips on our couch with the small size fixnzip slider and it's given our couches a new lease on life and saved us thousands. Love this product, would recommend.
Julie Nussey
We are avid campers and our tent zipper broke on our last adventure. We were able to use fixnzip to quickly repair it. Great product and easy to use.
Sarah Booth